memorial day weekend

We had a really nice holiday weekend, a few different things happening but mostly just hanging out and having family time together. My friend Rick came over for dinner and cake on Sunday – Toby was a bit nervous of him at first, probably because he thought that Rick would be a babysitter and Emma and I would be going out. However they soon got over their differences and did some playing together (Toby’s really into puzzles right now and it’s wonderful to watch him working them out) so that when Rick left Toby said, “Mr. Rick is a very nice man, isn’t he daddy? I didn’t need to be scared”. We also did a lot of yard work and the front garden is coming on very well. Toby helped me with putting down the mulch and doing watering, which I think he really enjoyed.

Toby has this thing right now when he’ll announce “I got an idea!”. It used to be that we’d say “What’s your idea, Toby?” and he wouldn’t answer, but now he shouts out “Me!”

Also Sunday night was the first night on about four months when he didn’t come through to our room in the night – a miracle. Last night, however, he came through at around 4. The dawn chorus had just started and he was complaining that he didn’t “like to hear the birds talking”. It sounds kind of cute now I suppose.

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