new stuff

You may notice a different address in the title bar. That’s because I’ve finally got this on a real server. I hope it makes things a little easier to navigate.

I’ve also just put a whole load of new Toby photos up. We (Emma and I) used iPhoto for the first time to get the photos all together and captioned. Again, I hope that the navigation is OK. And of course that you like the pictures themselves.

Finally, a little Toby story. He’s pretty good about saying thank you to people, even if they’re not around. For example if he’s playing with someone’s toys, and you say, “please say thank you for using n’s toys” he’ll say “Thank you, n!”. Tonight we had Chinese food for supper. Afterwards while he was taking a bath, I asked Toby if he enjoyed his food, and told him that it was Chinese food. He said “Thanks, Chinee!”.

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