toddler stammer

Over the past few weeks Toby has been stammering a lot at the start of sentences. This is a new development – he’s very good with his speech and singing with a huge vocabulary, very clear and great sentence composition. I had a feeling that toddler stammer was just part of development so I’ve done a little casting around. It seems that it is nothing much to worry about – often it’s a factor of the child starting a sentence before he’s worked out what he’s really going to say. It certainly seems that way with Toby – you can really feel him thinking about his words while he says “what’s he what’s he what’s he what’s he…” at the start of a sentence. I guess it’s really important for us not to draw attention to it or start filling in words.

It has been making a bit of a difference to reading stories with him when he asks about pictures – he’s very intense about knowing what the characters are doing and interrupts a lot to ask what’s going on. Also with his new letter-spotting powers he’ll often stop me to tell me that there’s a B for Baby or an E for Elephant. It’s pretty cool that he’s so good at it and excited about it, and it’s important for me to remember that while I’m reading.

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  1. [...] I posted this entry about Toby’s transient toddler stammer back in April 2005, and I’ve noticed that it has been a regular search phrase for people visiting this blog. I hope that what I typed was at least semi-useful for people looking for answers. The stammer actually disappeared after just a couple of weeks – I think it was a lot to do with the thoughts forming in his head before he could quite remember the words he wanted. [...]

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