nothing much

I thought I should post something, but there’s not a ton to report. It’s a Friday afternoon and it’s really sunny out and I should be going home soon once I’ve finished my last few tasks for the day. Work’s busy busy but lots of fun. I got a promotion to a management position last week which is really cool – I’ve been working very hard over the last year and it’s great to get affirmation.

Not much planned for the weekend apart from clearing up the guest room for our friend Peter who is arriving on Wednesday. Guest rooms become a room in which you throw in all your stuff when you don’t have guests so it’s a bit of a big job.

Next week should be exciting – we’re getting our roof and chimney replaced. In the UK most roofs are slate, but here they’re shingle roof tiles so they need to be replaced every 25-30 years or so. With ours being an old house it seems that the former owners never got the existing roof tiles removed, they just added the new ones over the top, so it’s possibly going to be quite expensive because the roofers will need to put new under-decking on the roof to ensure a solid base once the old stuff is gone. Also our chimney is crumbly so it’s being replaced too. Quite a job, but they reckon it won’t take more than a week. Hopefully it’s going to look really smart – we’re on a corner so it’s all quite visible.

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