Our friend Peter is visiting us from London right now, it’s great to see him. Yesterday I took the day off to show him around – it was wonderful, beautiful weather and just good to hang out. We went for a great breakfast at the French Meadow Bakery, then over to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to see the place, and also specifically to see the Illuminating the Word exhibition. In a nutshell, it’s a newly calligraphied and illuminated bible commissioned by the monks of St. John’s Abbey in rural Minnesota, and carried out by artists in Wales. They’re using traditional techniquest of making ink and using quills and using vellum. And it is completely stunning. Even if you’re not religious I think that the artistry would blow you away. There’s more information at the Saint John’s Bible site – I really suggest you take a look, and if you get the chance to see the exhibition, do so.

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