toby’s weekend

I think we gave Toby a pretty good weekend on the whole. On Friday night we took him to a bookstore where we’d heard that They Might Be Giants were playing in support of their new children’s CD, Here Come The ABCs. This was Toby’s first gig, and I think he really enjoyed it. Lots of parents and kids, and we all sat on the floor so pretty much everyone could see the band. Toby stood up and watched it all very intently. He didn’t give the impression of being amazingly excited, but he was very engrossed, and didn’t dance until the last song when he clapped his hands and jumped up and down (and it seems he can’t jump without also saying “jump!” at the same time).

On Saturday morning Emma had a work thing, so after a relaxed breakfast Toby and I set out to the Minnesota Science Museum. It’s worth noting about breakfast that he wouldn’t eat the top of his bran muffin – it had oats on it, which he thought were leaves, and refused it even if I picked them off first so he had to have the stump instead. Anyway they have some great dinosaur exhibits at the museum and seeing as his favorite book at the moment is Danny and the Dinosaur I thought this would be just the thing. He was a bit nervous about the skeletons, and I’m not sure if he really got the connections between his idea of dinosaurs and the skeletons but he certainly got that they were very big and pretty cool. He said, “they’re all different” many times, which I’m not sure was him realizing that they don’t look like the dinosaur in the book because they were different shapes (like triceratops to brontosaur to T Rex) or because they were just the bones. They also had a big sandpit where you could pretend to unearth dinosaur bones, where we spent a lot of time. There were also a whole bunch of regular science exhibits – wave motion, electricity things and so on – which he seemed to enjoy watching or playing with. Three hours was a good length of time to be there, and he slept really well in the car on the way home.

Sleep eluded us on Sunday somewhat – he refused to have his afternoon nap, so we kept him going through the day. We got hilarious video of him eating his evening meal at about 6:30, pretty much fast asleep but still eating. I’ll do my best to post it tonight.

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