Well that was a bit of a palaver in some ways, but not in others. I used Emma’s mac to put together the video of Toby eating in his sleep (as reported in previous post). It was a little more work than I expected:

First I had to get the movie from the camera (because we needed to film it right away we used the regular camera rather than the camcorder, so the quality’s not perfect but hey). iPhoto of course wouldn’t upload the movie files, but to my surprise neither would iMovie – you need to have a camcorder connected on firewire. So I used the image capture program, that worked just fine.

Next stage was my first use of iMovie, which was a lot of fun and very easy indeed. Nice work. Once we have more memory in the machine this’ll be quicker too. Exporting to QuickTime was a piece of cake.

Final stage was the most surprisingly difficult. I wanted to get the movie onto the server, obviously, so that you, A Reader, could see what all the fuss was about. To my surprise, Finder in OSX doesn’t allow you to copy a file onto an ftp server. Help was unhelpful – it said to use Safari (web browser) to do it. That was mysterious and I couldn’t get anything to work that way either. So I went to Apple support which had links to a couple of FTP programs. I got one downloaded, and got the file over using Interarchy. Not the easiest operation ever, but there we go.

So finally, the grand unveiling. First you’ll need to download QuickTime. Then you can watch the sleepeating video here. Enjoy.

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