shall we?

Emma and I were talking last night about Toby’s very charming turn of phrase, which has been more and more in evidence lately. One of the nicest things he does is start requests with “Shall we…” so he’ll bring a book over and say “shall we read it?” or when I get home from work he’ll want me to play with his train set with him and says “shall we play with trains?”. Actually a couple of nights ago I got home and wanted to go and get changed first, but he kept saying “Daddy please stay and play with trains. Stay down here” so I postponed my plans and hung out with him, which was much more important. He also commentates on what he’s doing, often prefacing it with “I’m just…” so for example when he comes into our bedroom and wants to get in on Emma’s side of the bed he trots over saying “I’m just coming round”. Yesterday morning was cute too – he was trying to put one of his socks on, and even though he was having problems he said “I do it myself. Put socks on” but after a moment it became apparent to him that it wasn’t working. Rather than complaining or specifically asking for help he looked up at me and said “shall we do it together?”

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