laughing stock

One of my regular reads, pharyngula, frequently makes the case that the current American obsession with creationism, which the religious “right” don’t believe should exist with scientific reasoning and weighing of evidence, is undermining education and making America stupid. I agree – in my opinion creationism and evolution are two different things – the former is a belief, relying on faith (more specifically a chapter or so of one book); the latter is a strongly supported scientific theory, relying on enormous amounts of evidence and surviving considerable amounts of rational scientific criticism, which helps to underpin almost all biological science. So it is with a heavy heart that I read this piece from the BBC about how IMAX cinemas are becoming too concerned about a religious backlash to present movies which mention evolution. Apparently blinkered religious nuts are making it so that children can’t gain a good scientific education, and the American political and religious landscape will increasingly be a laughing stock.

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