Something both Emma and I have been finding tricky lately is getting Toby off to sleep successfully on nights when I’m out. He’s been pretty good at going off to sleep when we’re both home, no matter which one of us takes him upstairs, or if Emma’s out, but about 70% of the time if I’ve had to be out I’ll get home and he’s still up. This makes for a rather stressful time for Emma, who would have been looking forward to some time to herself, and for me, as I’ll be looking forward to quiet time with Em. Plus it’s not like I’ve been out enjoying myself particularly – usually it’s after choir rehearsal or like last night, search committee at the Cathedral – I’m chairing the new committee which is working on filling a new priest position. We’re not quite sure what Toby’s deal is with this – he doesn’t seem upset when I go out, and he didn’t have a problem last Friday when both Em and I were out and his babysitter put him to bed. I’m sure it’s just a phase.

He did fine in his new class at school yesterday by all accounts. He seemed quite happy when he got home, and his teacher, Joe, was saying how smart Toby is – he seems to be keeping up with the older kids in pretty much everything. I was there to drop him off this morning, and noticed how much younger Toby seems – it was a bit strange. Toby himself did just fine, he walked in confidently and found his chair for breakfast. He wasn’t bothered when Emma and I had to go, in fact he pretty much pushed me away.

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