at the dinner table

Toby was pretty funny last night at dinner – Emma helped him get some baked beans on his spoon, and he casually said, “Thanks”. For some reason it was very amusing, more so than when he politely and sincerely says, “Thank you”. It’s nice that he’s getting more relaxed with his language, and interesting how naturally it comes to him.

Also at mealtimes lately we’ve been having an ongoing game which started when he was refusing to eat some veggies (a rare occurrence). Emma had the inspiration of asking him what kind of animals eat broccoli, because he could be that animal and eat some more. He confidently shouted “Rhino!”. So he was a rhino and ate some broccoli. It turns out that in fact rhinos eat most foods that Toby likes, with the exception of beans and fish fingers/fish sticks, which are favorite of polar bears, and pea soup, which is typically eaten by birds, and I’m sure you’ve seen giraffes grazing on toast. It’s a very serious business in Toby’s world.

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