great weekend

the weather was wonderful this weekend – over 50F which is way warmer than the average mid-20s for this time of year. We went to the zoo early-ish on Saturday morning so that we would all get the chance to run around outside and get fresh air. The animals all seemed very active and we got close to the camels and moose. Even though he lives in an indoor enclosure even the aardvark woke up when we came by, and we got to see him snuffling around. Bizarre looking animal, part pig, part elephant, part kangaroo. He seemed a pretty friendly sort of guy, for all his oddness.

Sunday afternoon we went to the Harris house to watch the Superbowl, or more accurately to sit around watching the kids race around the house at top speed and volume. It was a whole lot of fun and seemed to wear Toby out considerably.

This morning he was really excited about going to school – while we were going down to the garage he was saying “Toby loves big toddlers”, which sounds a bit odd out of context, but he really is loving being in the big toddler class. He’s been way better at saying goodbye to us in the mornings too. This morning when we arrived with him a couple of the kids said, “Yay! Toby’s here!”, and he zoomed off to join them, not looking back at us. Em went over to let him know that we were leaving, and he gave the impression of being, “Yeah, whatever, bye, I’m busy now”

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