personally touched

I heard recently that the founder of Habitat For Humanity, Millard Fuller, who is a pretty amazing guy in many respects, has been asked to step aside by the Habitat Board. Apparently there were charges raised in March 2004 by a former Habitat employee who alleged that Fuller engaged in inappropriate conversation and touched her arm. This allegation has been strongly denied and right now the Board has concluded that there was “insufficient proof” in the allegations. However Fuller was still asked to resign, along with his wife.

Needless to say this has sent shockwaves through the organization. And a campaign has been launched to get Fuller reinstated. No idea whether this will work, but the point of this post is that there is one glaring problem with their website. On the A Call to Action page there seems to be a lack of thought in the choice of wording. If you scroll most of the way down to the second-last full paragraph you will find the fantastically inappropriate sentence:

There are few people in Habitat who have not been touched personally by Millard

You couldn’t make it up. Here’s the proof:

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