hair against the system

In this amusing but also slightly sinister article, the BBC reports on how North Korea has been cracking down on slobby citizens with over-long hair. By an amazing anti-communist coincidence I have been growing my own hair over the past few months (it’s been growing itself of course, but I have been having it cut less short) thereby increasing my anti-communist credentials.

In other news, Toby reached another milestone yesterday by ordering his own food in a diner for the first time. He was at Albert’s Family Restaurant (a somewhat retro place where kids eat free on Fridays) in the Mall of America with Emma and when the waitress came over he was given the choice of hot dog or chicken nuggets. He looked up at the waitress and said, “Toby want hot dog!” We’ll work on the “please” in future. He’s also been getting really into using crayons and holds his crayon very well now, allowing him to color in the lines quite well.

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