pushing the limits

With just over one week to go till his second birthday, Toby’s exhibiting some signs of being two already. One thing he’s been doing is pushing our limits to find out what he can get away with. He’s always been really good about sitting at the table during mealtimes, but lately he’s been banging his fork or spoon on the table surface, which we don’t do in our house (we tell him). So he does it a couple more times while looking us right in the eye. You just know that he’s being a toddler and working out whether we really mean it and what we’re going to do. Last night we had tears because Emma told him she’d take the fork away if he kept doing it, which he did, so she followed through. We had a clenched-fist scream from him, so he was removed from the table and taken to a quiet place to settle down.

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