pesky cats

Another “life’s kind of challenging/odd” post: our cat Scout is obsessed with drinking water. In several different ways, in fact. He will insist that you give him water in his bowl even though there’s plenty of fresh water in there (if you’ve re-filled it two minutes ago). Then while you’re pouring the water in he’ll dip his paw in there but won’t drink it – he just looks at you in an accusatory way. But lately it’s been getting worse. His food and drink bowls are on a plastic tray – he used to spill water on the fabric mat he had – and the tray has a raised lip all round the edge. Lately he’s taken to pressing down on the lip of the tray, raising the main tray off the ground, and then letting the whole thing drop which makes a great racket. The first time I realised he was doing this was the middle of the night when I happened to be up with Toby. It totally freaked me out because it sounded like someone was trying to break into the house. It was only 10 minutes later when I heard loud crunching echoing up the stairs, and assumed that he wouldn’t be calmly eating if someone had broken in. Anyway the point of the water obsession is that now it seems he’s waiting for me to get him fresh water in his bowl, then using this tray-tipping mechanism to get water out of the bowl, and drinking the spilled water out of the tray itself. Who knows what’s going through his fuzzy brain.

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