No posts for a while because I have been (and still am) under the weather. Friday last week the glands in my neck were so swollen and hurting so much that it hurt to shave along my jawline in the morning – a bad sign. I came to work but had to call Emma around 1pm to come and collect me. Slept most of that afternoon, most of Saturday and most of Sunday and Monday, by which time my fever had dropped but the illness had just turned into a stinker of a cold which is still sticking around. Urgh. Emma is understandably running low on wifely patience with my moping.

Everyone else is doing fine though – Toby’s 2nd birthday was on Tuesday and he had a great day. He got to choose what songs they sang at school and we got into trouble for sending in snacks for the kids which contained peanut oil – an allergical disaster apparently. We’re such great parents. Mark, Dulce, Paul, Claire, Lauren and Sam came over that evening and lots of fun was had. The kids did a great job of sharing their toys – Toby didn’t mind the others playing with his train set, and they all got together to make imaginary coffee for us grown-ups with Toby’s toy coffee maker which he got at Christmas. Unfortunately in the excitement Toby slipped and bust his lip – plenty of blood but no lasting unhappiness, although it did make eating his nightly banana rather painful. Next morning it was really swollen which looked like he’d gone a couple of rounds in the ring. On Thursday we had his 2 year checkup at the doctor, and he’s doing very well – the doc said he was doing more than you would expect someone his age to be doing, and he seems very healthy. We did have some alarm when they weighed him – his height was on 50th percentile, but his weight was 33 pounds – 95th percentile. That didn’t seem right at all so the doctor weighed him again and it came out at 27 pounds 3 ounces – 50th percentile also. So no porker Toby. The biggest downside of him being two is that he doesn’t need whole milk any more, so I don’t get a little splash of luxury on my breakfast cereal any more – it’s puritanical 1% milk from now on.

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