I’ve been thinking about Toby pretty much all day today. It’s a big one for him – he’s graduated to the Toddler II class at school, after 8 months in Toddler I (here’s when that happened). There’s less physical difference to him I think in the new class, but the kids definitely have to take more instructions and initiative – I think the class is going to be much more structured than before. As usual at his daycare the kids go to the new class for a few hours a day for a couple of weeks before the actual move, so Toby was getting to know the new teachers and bigger kids, but Emma said that he seemed a little anxious about going right to the new class this morning rather than his regular room. I’m sure he’s been having a good day though – he’s generally very good at just getting on with stuff. Such a little champ.

On another note – peril/misfortune of modern life. You go to the bathroom and like a good citizen should, you wash your hands. Get water on your hands first, then use the soap pump thing to get liquid soap on your hands. You rub your hands together but do it wrong – squeezing your hands together, thus squirting soap and water all over the front of your trousers. You are very cool as you leave the restroom with a damp trouserfront and everyone you walk past notices your coolness.

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