they did great

I got a call from Emma this morning. She said that Toby was a star on the plane. As they went through the gate he was asking for me and she told him I had to go home to feed the cats, so he seemed fine with that. I guess he wasn’t realizing that they were going on a big trip for a number of days, but apparently he’s fine so far. He did very well indeed on the plane – he loved looking out the window while they were at the airport and taking off, and thought that the lights of the city were really cool (“pretty cool”, as he likes to say). His special kid’s meal was chicken nuggets and tater tots which went down quite well. Em had bought him a new toy – airport magnets which you stick to a background, so you can move the pictures about. There’s planes and cars and luggage and various people, including a grandmother waiting to say hello. We took care to avoid including anyone who looked dad-like, just in case. He slept for over four hours which is not bad, and loved the landing about as much as the take-off, with the great view again, and was very well-behaved at the airport, being content to stay conveniently in his stroller as they went through immigration and customs. After a great deal of excitement getting into Grandad’s car and zooming along the motorway (the car seat is higher than in our car so Toby has a commanding view which he loves) he fell asleep about 15 minutes before they got home, and stayed asleep as he was taken into the house. The plan was to wake him at about 2pm to try to keep him on regular schedule, and then to go and choose a Christmas tree for the house.

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