We had a very nice Christmas this year. Kind of quiet at home, but that was a good thing after Emma and Toby being away. They got back Thursday late afternoon – apparently Toby was wonderful on the plane again and very cooperative. Top tip is always to order the children’s meal as it’s much better than the grown-up food, at least according to our son who wolfed down the whole lot. I’m amazed at how much his speaking has come on in just two weeks: sentences are longer and better structured, and he’s learning pronouns, especially “I” and “me”. Unfortunately there’s a bit of jetlag going around, and he woke us all up at 4:30 Friday morning which meant that I had a very long Christmas Eve, having to stay up for the midnight mass at St Mark’s. He was up early again on Christmas Day, but fortunately Emma didn’t mind getting up with him for an hour or so before me, as she’d gone to bed at 7ish the night before.

Toby seemed to really enjoy opening the presents in his Christmas stocking. We just did small things, like a ball, a new toothbrush and a new fork and spoon set for him, but he was really excited by all of it. He also seemed quite happy to be at church in the morning, and being at childcare with his teacher Jason. Before and after his nap we opened bigger presents – I got him a Little People fun fair set, with a car that zooms down and around a ramp which brought on squeals of delight. Emma got him a Sesame Street DVD – learning about letters, which he watched at her parents’ and loved. We all got very nice presents from family too, only problem is I don’t know when I’m going to have time to watch the Lord of the Rings DVDs and read Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, but I’m sure I’ll cope. In the evening Paul came over for dinner which was excellent – great to see him. I made roast leg of lamb with loads of garlic and rosemary, chopped up on the new herb mincing set and carved with the new carving knife Emma gave me, and we drank champagne from the new champagne flutes I gave her.

Sunday I had to sing at morning and evening services at St Mark’s – it was quite exhausting with everything that’s gone on over the weekend, but in many ways it was nice to give over a lot of the weekend to all that. Overall it was very pleasant indeed.

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