Last night I was getting Toby in his pajamas when he started singing the ABC song. For those who don’t know, it’s to the tune of Twinkle Little Star, and goes all the way through the alphabet (finishing with Zee rather than zed because it’s American) with the final verse “now I know my ABCs. Next time won’t you sing with me?”. He almost had it all the way through before he and Em went on vacation but now he can sing the whole thing quite well. We sang it a couple of times in his room – him on his own and both of us together, once with us taking alternate letters which was fun. Then I asked if he wanted to sing it to his mummy seeing as he did it so nicely. We went downstairs to the kitchen and he stood in the middle of the floor with his hands behind his back, looking up at Emma, and sang the whole thing through really nicely. It was almost unbearably cute. He did it again for the video camera – I’ll try to get it on his site soon when I have time.

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  1. [...] Finally I got around to getting the video together of Toby singing his ABC song, as I promised a week or so ago. Hope you enjoy it – here it is (Windows media format – the only one which wasn’t huge and didn’t crash my kind-of trusty old machine). And there are four new galleries of photos from his grand tour of the UK. All at [...]

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