continued criticism

Our local paper, the Star Tribune, has an excellent editorial on Bush’s embarrassingly pathetic behavior in response to the tsunami: Editorial: The stingy U.S./An appalling performance. A couple of quotes:

Comparisons were drawn, for example, to the additional $80 billion that Bush has requested for the war in Iraq and the $30 million to $40 million that his January inauguration will cost.


From the very first hours it was apparent this was going to be an almost unprecedented humanitarian crisis. Yet Bush remained at his Texas ranch where, aides said, he spent time cutting brush and bicycle riding. He uttered not a single public word about what had happened in Asia.

Obviously clear and strong leadership, and worthy of Time’s Person Of The Year. The only reason I’m sorry that I cancelled my Time subscription last year is that I can’t do it now in protest. But that man continues to make be sick to my stomach. Here is a good post on pharyngula.

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