As I may have mentioned, and will no doubt continue to mention for some years, Toby’s talking is continuing to develop apace. With hilarious results! Usually cute results. Last night before bedtime he was saying good night to people, including the cats. He gives them each a good night hug, which involves leaning over them and putting his arms straight out on top of them with his head to the side so that he’s kind of lying his face against the cat. Last night after he hugged Nessie he said “night night Nessie”, then specifically said good night to the things that make her a cat: “night night ears, night night tail, night night paws”. All very solemnly.

This morning I noticed a new language development: he’s generally been using “I” much more, for “I do it” etc in the last couple of weeks, but this morning he was talking about the shower and said a couple of times “I did go in the shower”. First time I’ve heard him mixing the past tense and a pronoun. You could see him thinking it through as he said it, very interesting.

As we were getting out of the car at daycare I picked up my bag and Toby said, “Daddy pick up my bag”. Of course I said, “It’s actually my bag” to which he responded, “yes, my bag”. I tried to explain that he would refer to it as “your bag” but it got very confusing. He even refused to say “posessive pronouns”, opting instead for “look at the garbage truck!”.

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