at last

Well I guess we know the results now and I must say that I’m not happy that the Reps have the White House, the Senate and Congress. No matter who’s doing it, having one party controlling all three is a recipe for disaster. Plus we have to see blimmin’ Bush on TV for four more years – ugh. Having said that, at least we know and there’s a certain relief now it’s all over (mostly).

So here are my quick thoughts, for what they’re worth:

1) Hopefully this means that the Dems will step back and re-examine who they are and do it right next time

2) Gives me an excuse to look for jobs in Canada, from where we would be able to tsk at those crazy Americans

3) At least Minnesota went for Kerry. My friend Fiona lives in Ohio, where the economy has been hammered by Bush and unemployment is way higher than here. So Fiona, what’s up with that?

4) We get to make “John Kerry – why the long face?” jokes

5) As the Onion points out, at least Kerry gets not to have to be president. Don’t fancy that job much

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