the “right”

Our Dean at St Mark’s told us on Sunday that the election and its outcome has provided something of a pastoral crisis – he’s been having lots of calls from congregants wanting to talk things through and nervous about how the country’s going and how Christianity fits into the whole mix. Personally I’ve been wondering how “my” version of Christianity and the very rightwing version of Christianity can fit together and come from the same source and be influenced by the same spirit, when it appears to be so much at odds. The only answers I can come up with so far are that 1) I’m wrong about the whole thing, which I don’t think so, partly because I think I have a fair understanding of the Bible, particularly the Gospels and my personal feeling is that if you’re a Christian then what Jesus says should trump pretty much anything else. So loving your neighbor and caring for people is more important than persecuting people, for example. Or 2) the religious Right is in fact wrong, but they do seem remarkably sure of themselves. But are they just money and power-grabbing leaders who are using bigotry to shore up their power and money or what? In which case how do they manage to delude so many people? Maybe it’s by saying again and again how right they are and drowning out people who are actually in the know. Or 3) The whole thing is bogus. Which is maybe the most depressing thought of all three.

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