gosford park

Over the weekend Em and I finally got round to joining a new DVD rental store just round the corner from us – Cinema Revolution. They have a small but excellent selection of indie, international and classic movies, plenty that we’vebeen meaning to see but haven’t yet. Our first pick, which we watched last night, was Gosford Park, which came out a couple of years ago and is directed by Robert Altman. It’s basically a whodunnit and is located in a huge country estate in 1932. There’s lots of intrigue and double-crossing as the lives of the wealthy weekend guests intermingles with the people downstairs – the hardworking servants. I particularly enjoyed the subtleties involved, and to be honest I don’t think one viewing was enough, and there are plenty of interesting looking extras on the disc, so we may well need to rent it again. Our domestic challenge in watching films of this sort are that Emma loves working out the plot as she goes, which is all well and good except she’s always at least one step ahead of me, and usually needs to express her hunches out loud. We managed to avoid any fallings out last night though as we were both quite engrossed in the movie.

Tonight, if I can lug the box home, I have the excitement of setting up our new TiVo. I’ve been thinking of getting one for ages, if for no other reason than to avoid having to watch ads, which will save about 15 minutes per hour of viewing. What efficiency!

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