This week Toby’s gotten really into songs, and has started asking for songs specifically by name, and singing them so that we can actually tell what they are. Usually he’ll just do the first couple of words, but this morning in the car he sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star pretty much all the way through. It’s probably largely because Emma’s had one of his CDs in the car – it’s Little People doing various children’s songs. Not quite as nauseating as you might think because the arrangements are smart enough to keep grown-ups interested. However it does get kind of old. I’m thinking it’s time for a change, and while I was at the hairdresser’s last night I saw in Esquire magazine a plug for The Amazing Adventures of Kid Astro by Ralph’s World which is for children, but quite Beatles/Queen/grown-up music influenced. I checked out the clips on Amazon today and it sounds just fab, so I’ve put it on Toby’s wish list if you’re, for example, a cool uncle who wants to help Toby in his musical education while simultaneously making his parents happy.

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