water baby

We’ve wanted to get Toby swimming lately – it feels like it’s kind of make or break time for him to get used to it before he’s an age when he’d be nervous about being in the water. Someone at work gave me a free pass to the YMCA that she won in a drawing at work, so yesterday we took him to the Southdale Y. It’s a nice facility, with family changing rooms, which was ideal to stop him from running away. He seemed a little uneasy going through to the pool, and of course it was a bit echoey and noisy which made him nervous. When we got into the water he kept saying “ayayayayay” which I’d never heard him say before, but the water was warm and as long as we were holding tight he was OK. After a couple of minutes we started moving about and saying that he was being just like a dolphin which helped him, and when we made him jump up in the air and splash back we seemed to have a good breakthrough. He totally loved playing with a couple of the balls they had there, throwing them back and forth, and towards the end he was lunging to catch his ball, not minding if he went under the water, and also kicking his legs as we pulled him along. We had to stop after we’d been in for an hour because we didn’t want to wipe him out too much. Afterwards we went out for a quick cheap bite to eat, and we were very proud that Toby insisted on eating Emma’s brocolli – we felt like superparents! He slept very well indeed last night, and we’re planning to go back soon. All in all a big success.

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