Yesterday was mostly taken up with Cathedral things. There were a lot of people in the congregation at the morning service, as it was the Diocesan Convention, so it was nice to have a full house. I had a rather scary job to do – as part of the stewardship effort coming up (getting people to donate money and time) I was asked to talk briefly on what St Mark’s means to me. Beyond singing and getting money for it. So I put together a brief thing which it seems was really well received, loads of people said complementary things afterwards, I was very pleased. I might post it up here when I get back to my home machine.

In the afternoon we went out west to Wayzata, where there was a party for two of our friends in the Cathedral choir, Ruth and George, who are moving back to England today, and will be missed. We went straight from there to the annual Cathedral Night Out, which was at the International Market Square, and very swanky. We were both quite dressed up, and I wore my kilt which got a number of comments! It was good to see everyone there – you sometimes get the feeling that not many people know you or are interested, but it took over 20 minutes just to get through the door and (importantly) to the bar. I think the kilt and the morning’s speech helped. Emma was pleased that the Bishop gave us such a warm welcome. The food was not bad, and the musical entertainment lots of fun.

A few of us went to the Loring Bar afterwards, as we also do most Wednesdays, where we felt that wearing posh threads would be OK. The band there were surprisingly good, so it was a nice relaxed escape at the end of the night.

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