even the conservatives

If you’ve been reading this site for a while you know that I’m something of a flaky liberal type. But I try hard to see the merits in other viewpoints – not to do so is to shield yourself from the rest of the world, and doesn’t help you develop your own ideas or question your beliefs, which is a very valuable thing to do.

If you read the thread to Richard Bloomfield’s blog on my previous post, there was a lot of back and forth – it got kind of tedious. But one of my final points was to say that there’s nothing wrong with being a conservative, if that’s where your priorities lie. However – you could probably tell this was coming – it does not mean that you have to support Bush. In fact conservative voices have been saying exactly this too. Andrew Sullivan, respected conservative blogger, has been moving further and further from the current Administration viewpoint for some time, and now even the conservative editor of the New Republic is saying the same thing, and much more coherently than I ever could. It makes really interesting reading – I hope that whatever your viewpoint you take a look.

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