le weekend

We had a pretty decent holiday weekend, lots of nice hanging out together and just being our wee family. It seems that Nessie and Scout are good friends now, they’re playing a lot and both seem to be happy, so it’s great that Nessie settled in so fast. It was a lot of fun to have so much time with Toby – he’s such a happy little guy, and at an awesome age. He’s so into learning things and picking up words, and I think he’s still too young to be devious so we don’t seem to have any discipline issues with him yet.

Had a fantastic barbecue on Saturday night – Emma made a delicious salad with boiled new potatoes, arugula leaves (rocket if you’re British) and chopped olives, and I grilled peppers and zucchini (courgette if you’re British) which had been marinated in chili and garlic olive oil, and a couple of lamb steaks, the fat of which went all crispy while the meat was tender and completely delicious. Toby said yummy about twenty times.

Sunday was really humid, the worst humidity in ages, so in the afternoon we decided to go for a drive and then do a little shopping to get free air conditioning. Fortunately the weather broke later in the day and after lots of rain it got more comfortable. It was frustrating though – we’re trying to redecorate a room on the third floor and it was too humid to paint so we had to put that all on hold for a day. I did a little bit of weeding in the garden but it was so nasty out I didn’t do much.

Beautiful weather on Monday and we went for a good walk along the midtown Greenway, over to the lakes. We backpacked Toby down to the walkway and then let him do his own thing, and he walked over half a mile on his own which was good going. Then he suddenly got a bit cranky, so back in the carrier he went, and he fell asleep within 10 minutes. I guess it was a long way for his little legs. Back home we caught up on printing out photos to send to families and to put in Toby’s album, and in the evening I barbecued again – this time it was sardines which cook really fast, so it seems a lot of work to get the grill going for just three minutes of cooking, but they’re so delicious it’s worth it.

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