donner und blitzen

If ever a Friday was a good one for staying in bed, it’s this one. Lots of storms and heavy rain, and it’s just dark and damp. For some reason I couldn’t get to sleep last night till after 1am, so it was hard to get going this morning. Not helped by the fact that I wimped out of walking to work and took the car, so haven’t really got the blood moving in my body, although tea is keeping me on form at work. I’ll definitely go to the gym after work tonight, that should help.

But the weather’s going to be a big factor in weekend plans – tomorrow afternoon we’re going out to Maple Grove, a suburb about 20 miles out of town, where some friends are throwing a party for my friend Mark. He’s from South Africa and his parents are over for a couple of weeks, so we said we would be his friend for the day. I think there are going to be some yummy South African foods there. Then on Sunday it’s the company picnic. Kind of late in the year perhaps, but you don’t want to be dying of heat. The forecast is for about 60F, so it may be a bit autumnally chilly.

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