toby update

It’s really interesting watching Toby change pretty much every day. While we were at IKEA on Monday evening I noticed that he has two lower molars which just popped through, one on each side. We suffered from lack of sleep while they were scything their way through his gums, so I’m glad they’re here now, I feel we earned them.

His language is developing really rapidly too, he’s getting more and more vocabulary daily and learning to string words together. Two notable words he has now are “mine” and “owie”. He uses the latter correctly if he trips and hurts himself, but we’ve noticed that he’ll also use it if we do something to him he doesn’t approve of, such as take him away from something interesting which he’s not supposed to be messing with. I guess both of these words indicate that he’s developing a sense of what’s his and what’s right and wrong, at least as far as he sees the world.

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