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I am proud to have been quoted for the first time on Pharyngula, due to my recent post here about the Luis Palau festival. Fortunately Prof Myers has done some muck-raking on this Palau character, and he (Palau) is as medievally backward and fundamentalist as I feared. With Pat Boone in support too – erk.

Anyway I was moved to write the following to our local newspaper, the Star Tribune, which is a high-profile sponsor:


I applaud you on the decision to run Doug Grow’s piece on the unease some of your staff are feeling at being associated with the Palau rally at the State Capitol this weekend. I too am unhappy about the fact that a supposedly balanced news organization would choose to be associated with a group who state on their website that homosexuality and abortion are sins for which people will be sent to hell. Or that you would be associated with a group who would deny evolution, both its teaching in schools and the scientific theory itself.

I understand that you are not specifically endorsing the organization or its views but by being associated as a high profile sponsor you have unfortunately ended up being viewed in the same conservative, bigoted, repressive camp as our Governor and right-wing fundamentalists everywhere.

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