more palau nonsense

So the Luis Palau Festival thing happened at the State Capitol at the weekend, unsurprisingly with people saying “has the Lord blessed us or what?” because it was sunny, and with Bush campaign staffers visibly in attendance. There was much coverage by the local paper – contrary to them saying that they were “balanced” they were in fact gushing and not at all questioning about any of the ethics or morals of what was going on. Quite pathetic and hypocritical in my opinion.

Also in the opinion of many other people – I had a call from someone at the weekend saying how much she appreciated my letter in the paper, as well as some good comments from the people at church. Then on Saturday morning I had a call from a local news channel asking if I’d be willing to appear on camera to say what I’d said to the paper. I initially said yes, but on thinking about the distinctiveness of my name and how surprised I was that people noticed what I’d said in the paper and subsequently contacted me, I declined. I’m still in two minds about whether I did the right thing – the mindless bigotry (Palau is quoted in the paper as saying how his nephew died of AIDS but he repented before he died so Palau is sure he’s in heaven now – how incredibly repulsive) of these people just bugs me so much and is so far from my understanding of Christianity that I feel maybe I should have said more. Plus my point was in fact more about the Star Tribune’s coverage – they had a gushing six page supplement with no indication whatsoever that it was an advertising supplement. And like all the rest of Palau’s literature they made a big show of the positives (bringing people to god) and nothing whatsoever about the fundamentalist views – not even one person is noted as questioning whether the governor and his cronies should be so openly supporting this.

One other reason for saying no to the TV people was that my viewpoint takes a little bit to explain – I suffer from the usual liberal thing of not having a soundbite opinion. So for example in this festival thing I’m not saying that people should not believe this – it’s a free country after all – but hopefully you can tell why I’m unhappy about the situation. However I was sure that the TV people would take just one or two sentences from what I would say, giving a high chance of an incorrect impression of my views. Still, like I say, I’m still not 100% convinced I did the right thing in not speaking up.

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