Toby’s doing much better after his very mild bout of chicken pox. He never seemed to be feeling particularly bad anyway, and his little pox-marks have all but gone. But Em’s taken today off with him just to be sure that he’s all set. Last night we were out getting things for his room – we’re finally putting up curtains in there to augment his blinds, and to make the room look a bit nicer. We were at Pottery Barn Kids when my dad called to say hi. When I said that Toby had chicken pox I may as well have fired a gun in there, the reaction from the other parents.

Anyway as part of his recuperation, Em’s taken Toby to the zoo today. I just had a phone call from them saying that they’d just been on a camel ride. Apparently he totally loved it. He even said “thank you ammel” and “bye bye ammel” when they were done.

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