The weekend was over really quickly. I was wiped out on Friday – I’m really enjoying work right now but because I’m doing a fair bit of new stuff it’s taking a bit of a toll, what with having to use my brain in new ways. Fun though. Saturday we went to the garden center to get a few new perennials to fill in a few gaps in the front yard. Toby spent the whole time running around and pushing carts, he loved it, and was asleep less than 2 minutes after we put him in the car to go home, with a cookie in his hand, mid-snack. In the evening we went to see our friends Jim and Mary way out in the burbs for an excellent meal and good company. They served pork with a peach salsa which was a great combination, I’ll have to try that sometime.

Church on Sunday morning, then we were going to go for brunch with everyone, but Toby woke up just as we were getting out of the car at the restaurant so that put paid to that whole idea. Oh well. Then in the afternoon Lauren and Sam were dropped off so that Paul and Claire could go and see a movie and be grown-ups for a little. We had a surprisingly great time – the kids are at a good age for playing with each other, and we all had a lot of fun on the swings and things at the park down the road. Once again the kids were wiped out from playing and dancing and running and Toby fell asleep very quickly once they’d left. He’s started doing a really cute thing when he runs: he hold his arms out behind him, so he’s like SuperToby.

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