just so you know

Emma and I have sponsored a child in Central America through Christian Childrens Fund for the last few years, and CCF seems to be a great organization, really focused not so much on emergency relief, but long term solutions for very needy children and their families. Almost all the places they work are very poor countries, such as Afghanistan, East Timor, Albania, Bolivia, Sierra Leone – you get the idea. And also the United States. Specifically Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and Virginia. You can take a look at this map to see what the political affiliations of these states happen to be. What a surprise – all very Republican, except for Virginia which is mostly Republican but remember that Virginia is right by the nation’s capital where you’d have thought there would be opportunities and healthcare and food and clothing for all, without needing to rely on charitable organizations who are also operarting in Angola and Uganda, for goodness’ sake. Oh yeah, and remember Bush is the former Governor of Texas, where CCF also need to operate because children were left behind.

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