sorted, finally

I’ve been having loads of really annoying problems on my home PC. I started noticing the issue after I’d installed my new mega-size, and fast, hard drive a few months ago, when it became impossible to install some applications, and upgrade many others. I had back-and-forthed with MSN Messenger support for weeks but to no avail. Finally tonight I thought I’d get around to just reinstalling Windows 2000 but first I thought I’d try out a couple of things.

I went to and got hold of Registry Mechanic, because I thought that my registry was the root of the problem. It’s still running and we’ll see if it does anything noticeably useful.

In the meantime I did a little googling for the error which always happened on installs:

Error 1926 – could not set security for file “c:\config.msi”

Error 5: verify that you have sufficient privileges to modify security for this file

I had checked thousands of times that I had full admin privileges to my hard drive, and that I had sufficient space. All seemed set, but still no good. And I couldn’t find any file named config.msi.

Then I found a page which said, simply:

Create folder (not file) C:\Config.msi on your hard drive, allow access to all, and make it hidden.

And that, my friends, cured the problem.

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