I’m sure thousand or millions of people have posted things on the internet about the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington yesterday, but I just wanted to try to say a couple of things. The whole day was horribly surreal, from seeing the news reports at breakfast time, listening to the radio on the way to work, and then trying to keep things going at work. We were all sent home at around 9:45 – the office is in the middle of downtown Minneapolis next to the IDS tower, which is the tallest building in the state, and was evacuated just in case. It was bizarre walking along Nicollet Mall as many people were gathered around a TV in the window of the WCCO TV station, and everyone else was either on cell phones or looking at the IDS tower, no doubt trying to imagine …

Being at home was also very strange as we watched the coverage on TV most of the time. We went out for a bit of a walk and a coffee in the afternoon, and put the TV off around dinner time as it was just getting to be too much. I was worried that I wouldn’t sleep well but I was exhausted. I know it happened a long way away but it also feels close to home – partly because of working downtown here, and also because Em and I were there only a couple of months ago and have a picture of Em right outside the World Trade Towers.

My friend Tim lives in TriBeCa near Wall Street – fortunately he’s in London at the moment, but said that he’s been trying to contact friends in New York, mostly successfully.

And of course the worry now is of the backlash – it sounds like the US government are being fairly measured about things. I hope they’re wise enough not to overreact.

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