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I just posted some new pictures of Toby – I hope you like them. There are a bunch which include his friends Lauren and Sam, when they came over a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve also put up some general photos, including the newly redesigned front garden, and some pics of Scout. You’ll also notice a picture or two of a non-ginger cat, who is our new arrival, Nessie. We were out at Target last night and happened to drop by Petsmart next door. After shouting in glee at some fish (Toby managed the sentence “Another Wish (Fish) in water!”) we looked around and saw the cats from the rescue shelter. There were some really cute kittens, but they’re a lot of work especially when we’re both working. However there was a beautiful tabby/calico cat, kind of small, and noted as being quiet and neat and affectionate which we thought sounded ideal. When we got to meet her she was very calm being held and didn’t mind Toby stroking her at all. Now she’s home she seems incredibly happy, purring like nothing else. We weren’t specifically planning to get a second cat, but we have been thinking that Scout’s seemed a little bored lately so I hope it’ll do him good, and Nessie too of course. At the moment on the pet store guy’s advice, she’s shut in a bathroom so that she can get used to the smell of the house, and Scout can get used to her smell too, without having any actual face-to-face confrontations. We’ll let her out tomorrow and see how they go.

By the way, I haven’t put captions on any of the new photos yet – it’s getting late and I need to be up at 5 am to take Paul and family to the airport.

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  1. Good site I \”Stumbledupon\” it today and gave it a stumble for you.. looking forward to seeing what else you have..later

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