we’ll fall for anything

Another Mark Morford piece about how so many people are falling for the subliminable [sic] messages being spouted by the Administration. And I heard more of it on the radio today – a poll in which over 50% of Minnesotans still believe that there’s a link between Iraq and al Quaeda, despite consistent reports and committee findings and complete lack of credible evidence that this is the case. Quote from one suburban woman: “They’re terrorists – they behead people!” Gawsh, and do you think that Bush swaggering in there may have in some way caused the horrific lawless yee-ha state which allows people to do that kind of thing? And, madam, you live in a country where your very own President, prior to election, in between promising not to engage in nation-building or creating a mind-boggling federal deficit, smirked and joked about the fact that as Texas governor he’d had a mentally disabled woman executed despite her hilarious pleadings to keep her life. Clearly the fact that five or six terrorists who saw an opportunity in Iraq and admittedly committed horrible crimes means that minivan driving suburbanites on their comfortable fat asses have the right to watch sanitized Fox News footage of actual people’s houses being obliterated while those actual people’s families and hopes and dreams go up in smoke. People, PLEASE wake up.

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