toby news

I was talking to my old friend Chloe in Edinburgh over the weekend – she says I’ve been putting too much political stuff on the blog with not enough family things, and that I sound kind of angry about the state of things. Well, there’s a lot to be angry about here, as she agreed. I think it’s important for people who don’t live in America to realize that there are a lot of Americans who are really upset at what’s being done in their name, and do not feel that Bush etc represent them, or have any right to do so.

But anyway, here’s a little family news. Toby was 18 months old yesterday. He’s growing up really fast, as you can see in the new photos on his site. Lots of running and talking, he’s starting to get sentences together which is pretty amazing to hear. We had a good sociable weekend, including a delicious meal at our friend Mark’s on Saturday – Toby has always liked Mark and they had some great games together. Then our friend Jay came over for barbecue last night – it was great to see him. Toby was really comfortable with him too, and halfway through the night learned to say “Jay”. The problem was when Jay left – Toby was heartbroken and looked at the door crying “Jaaaaaaayyyy” for about five minutes.

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