Em and I watched a bit of the John Edwards speech last night from the Democrat Convention. Quite inspiring stuff I thought, not least because he seems to be a highly intelligent politician who doesn’t raise feelings of repulsion and I don’t seem to want to punch. We liked that he raised some uncomfortable truths about the country – tens of millions of people have no health insurance for example – and said that it doesn’t have to be that way. Obviously he was preaching to the choir but it did seem to go over well. Slightly unnerving feature – during the many periods of extended applause he would do this quick flash of his famous smile and kind of lick his lips and teeth, which seemed a tad lizardy.

In home news, Toby’s been in the wars a little at daycare. He took a tumble off a climbing frame a couple of days ago and has a bump on his forehead, but more worryingly he’s been bitten by one or more of the other kids a couple of times this week. It doesn’t seem to have caused him any long term upset but it’s enought that the daycare providers have put together an info pack for all the parents in the class. Seems it’s quite a common thing for toddlers to do when they get frustrated but I’m not too wild about seeing bite mark bruises on Toby’s arms.

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