We watched John Kerry’s speech last night and I was very impressed. I was expecting to cringe a little or be bored but on the whole it was strong, exciting, inspiring and, I must say, presidential. He had some excellent points which I just pray he’ll be able to put into practice next year. I throught he had a good balance between setting out his own policies and criticizing the other guy, but without being too negative. He was definitely tough on Bush though. Had a bizarre and vivid dream about it last night – it was the speech but his teleprompter broke down and he kind of froze up mid-speech. There was a shocked silence from the audience and he kind of bowed his head and sank down behind the podium. It was a very strange thing to see a man’s total ambition vanishing so suddenly.

However, it wasn’t as bad as what happened to the person in charge of the balloons. Listen to the audio link for full effect.

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