In need of a bit of light relief this afternoon. We were supposed to be going on a work fun trip to a pizza place and then to play mini golf in the sun. Except it’s been pissing down with rain, so the trip’s been postponed. And Toby woke us up at 4am so I’m a bit wiped and although I’m getting through all the work I need to do today it’s a bit more of an effort than it should be – several mugs of tea are helping but only just. And it’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m booked almost all day in meetings. How fun. For some reason the prospect of being 32 isn’t a happy one, and I’m usually pretty good at birthdays. Maybe it’s because it’s not a real milestone kind of age, I don’t know. Anyway, fortunately I happened upon the excellent Opinions You Should Have site. It’s a Blog You Should Read, very amusing.

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  1. [...] It’s really interesting watching Toby change pretty much every day. While we were at IKEA on Monday evening I noticed that he has two lower molars which just popped through, one on each side. We suffered from lack of sleep while they were scything their way through his gums, so I’m glad they’re here now, I feel we earned them. [...]

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