having fun

Paul and I were off to get a Jamba juice for lunch when I realized that I didn’t have my wallet. Fortunately I remembered that it was still in Toby’s stroller, from when he and I went out to get a couple of things from the Wedge Coop last night, and as I’m picking Toby up from daycare today his stroller was in the daycare building only 2 blocks away from the office. So we nipped over and I had the slight quandary of wondering whether to show myself to Toby or stay hidden – it’d be great to see him but if he got all clingy, as he’s often doing at the moment, it might really upset him when I had to leave.

When we got to daycare I quickly found my wallet in the pocket of the stroller, which was parked in the hallway outside Toby’s room. I managed to sneak a glance over – the little munchkins were having circle time together just before lunch and all sat in a corner having a chat and reading a book. Toby was sat with his back to the door and chattering away with everyone – it looked like he was having a great old time and being quite capable with the others who are mostly older than him. Made me feel really good to see that he’s getting on so well and is as self-sufficient as we imagine him to be. I slunk off before he spotted me.

As for my birthday, it’s going OK so far, considering that I’m pretty darned busy at work. Still, better to be busy than bored. I got some great looking books and a CD, and Em and Toby got me some Pilates stuff which will be fun to try. Probably going for a curry tonight which should be excellent – I have to walk past the New Delhi restaurant every night on the way home so it’ll be good to get to go in for a change and enjoy the food that smells so delicious.

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