a week or so ago, Paul alerted me to this tricycle on the REI outlet website, and we agreed it would be just the thing for young Toby, especially as he’s currently very interested in bikes and trikes, and transport generally. So I ordered it and opted for store pickup, which meant free shipping. It arrived yesterday so we zoomed down to the store to collect it – great store generally, and Em and I discussed how nice it would be to have time to do more outdoor stuff, and to be able to do it in a climate which is neither too hot nor too cold or infested with mosquitos. Toby got very excited in the bike department at the sheer profusion of bikes, but was a little shy when the assistant wheeled the shiny red trike out for him. They’d even assembled it for us, which was really cool of them, so we were all set to go. We did quickly realize the one flaw, which is that currently Toby can’t reach the pedals, but he was extremely happy to sit on the saddle and hold the handlebars with his feet dangling down while I pushed him along, guiding the handlebars as we went. He had a bit of a goofy smile on his face all the way back to the car, but it was apparently the end of the whole world when he had to get off, as we had to put him in the car to get home. It’s now hidden in the workshop in the basement but hopefully he’ll get the chance to ride around the block tonight a couple of times.

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