save the kids

In which Mark Morford, as usual, points out the hypocracy of our times and in doing so saves our kids. It wasn’t till we went back to the UK last time and watched evening TV with Emma’s parents that we realized how up-tight and repressed we’d become with our Everybody Loves Raymond type sanitized “freedom of speech” TV.

UPDATE: Wait just a danged minute. The Senate passed the bill 99-1 which would fine entertainment companies for letting a bad word go out on the air, yet the Vice President drops a couple of effenheimers on the Senate floor? How becoming. And I must say I’m shocked – SHOCKED! – at the slightest suggestion of hypocricy from the current administration, or indeed from any politician.

UPDATE 2: Here’s the same thing from the Washington Post, who also point out that Cheney’s outburst happened on the same day as the vote on the “Defense of Decency Act”. And they go further, reminding us of Cheney’s “Big Time” remark – remember that? I don’t have a problem with someone using bad language, but when they’re also saying that they’re standing for decency and criticizing others for using the F-word, such as John Kerry’s Rolling Stone interview then it’s time for everyone to take a deep breath, step back, and think about the more noxious things coming out of their mouths, like ridiculous taunts and downright lies. Some example for the children.

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