photo copier

A couple of years ago I was given what was a really funky, teeny digital camera for my birthday – it was lots of fun to have around and before phone cameras really took off it was quite a talking point to have such a miniature piece of electronics. Lately I confess that I haven’t used it so much, and now that we have the Canon I guess it’s going to fall in to disuse. Or so you might think. Yesterday Emma and her friend Jill threw a bridal shower for their friend Rachel from work, and a lot of preparation involved tidying up the things sitting around in the living room, one of them being the mini camera. Last night Toby was inspecting this stuff and picked up the camera which is of course perfect size for him. Not as many buttons as on the Canon but he seemed happy with it nonetheless. He’s at an age when he copies lots of things we do but not entirely accurately, for example he’ll pick up his toy phone, and say hello but will have it on his shoulder rather than against his ear which is pretty funny. And once I had shown him how you hold the camera he had a go himself (and quickly learned how to respond to “are you going to take a picture?”). In his special Toby way, this involved closing both eyes really tight and squashing the camera against his face, it was very cute.

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